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Buying or selling a property is a massive financial commitment.

You deserve the best conveyancing services, adjusted to your needs and all the specifics of the property you want to buy or sell.

With us, you can be certain that the job will be done properly and without hassle. The legal transfer of property ownership will be completed correctly, and all necessary documents will be in order for your settlement. Our 10 years of practice are proof of the claim.

Check out what our clients say about all the conveyancing services you can expect from us; that is always the best reference, right?

20 Conveyancing Services Conveyed Provides Flawlessly

  1. Document Preparation – Preparing, drafting, and clarifying legal documents including contracts of sale and mortgage papers, guaranteeing all terms comply with laws and protect your interests.
  2. Legal Advice – Guiding you through the terms of the purchase agreement and your rights and duties as a buyer, aiding in informed decision-making and avoiding legal issues.
  3. Property Searches – Conducting searches to find any encumbrances, liens, or other issues with the property, helping prevent surprises after your purchase.
  4. Stamp Duty Calculation – Calculating the duty payable on your transaction and assisting with its submission, helping you budget effectively for all transaction costs.
  5. Liaising with Banks – Communicating with financial institutions about mortgage details and payments, facilitating smooth financial transactions.
  6. Transfer of Title – Managing the execution and lodging of the title transfer documents with relevant authorities, securing the legal change of ownership.
  7. Representation at Settlement – Representing you during the finalization of the sale to ensure an accurate exchange of documents and funds, providing peace of mind that all details are handled correctly.
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    1. Adjustments – Calculating adjustments for council fees, water charges, and other expenses necessary at settlement, providing fairness in your closing costs.
    2. Deposit Holding – Managing the buyer’s deposit in a trust until the deal is finalized, safeguarding your funds until all conditions are met.
    3. Compliance Checks – Ensuring that all actions throughout the transaction comply with relevant laws and regulations, keeping your transaction lawful and straightforward.
    4. Insurance Advice – Advising on the necessity for title insurance or other protections to guard against potential defects or claims, protecting your investment.
    5. Managing Settlement Timelines – Coordinating the timing of the transaction to ensure it closes on a mutually agreed date, helping to avoid delays and facilitating a smoother process.
    6. Post-Settlement Services – Handling any issues that arise after the deal is closed, such as final inspections or disputes, providing ongoing support.
    7. Lease Checks – Reviewing lease agreements if the property is leased to ensure all terms are favorable and legally sound.
    Conveyed 20 Conveyancing services best in Melbourne
      1. Easements and Covenants Review – Examining any easements or restrictions on the title to understand their impact on property use, informing you of any limitations.
      2. First Home Owner Grant – Assisting with applications for governmental incentives for first-time homebuyers, helping you receive the financial benefits you are entitled to.
      3. Subdivisions and Developments – Assisting with legal aspects of land subdivision or property development, including handling planning permissions, facilitating compliance and strategic planning.
      4. Joint Ownership Advice – Offering guidance on shared ownership implications and preparing shared ownership agreements, clarifying rights and responsibilities.
      5. Mediation and Dispute Resolution – Helping resolve disputes between parties involved in the property deal, facilitating communication and negotiations to reach amicable resolutions.
      6. Updating Government Records – Confirming that changes in property ownership are accurately recorded with local councils and government entities, compulsory for legal activities and future transactions.

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      Conveyancing Services Summary

      Four most important legal protection services you can count on during our partnership:

      • Up-to-date legal advice
      • Prepared and reviewed legal documents
      • Deep and detailed property searches
      • No hidden costs or small-letter clauses

      Talk about value for money!

      Conveyancing Services The Way You Need It

      With our good conveyancing services, you’ll receive:

      • Personalised, one-on-one conveyancing service
      • A dedicated lawyer who understands your needs and will work closely with you
      • Speed and efficiency
      • Fast response times to all your questions and individual needs give you peace of mind from initial inquiry through settlement.

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